About us

We are ‘old stuff’ lovers with over 30 years of experience in selling antiques, home decorations and collectibles. Our aim is to bring people with the same interests together and to offer a secure and quiet environment to trade antiques, home decoration and collectibles.

FourCollectors: making a difference!

Why FourCollectors?

1. You are in control – you manage your own online shop.
2. You are in a secure environment – all users are registered.
3. You pay a low fixed fee – we do not offer top advertisement placement, fees for moving your items up or additional sales fees for specific categories.
4. You are not disturbed – no blinking commercials you need to click away or flashing lights in your face.
5. You can trust what is there – we check all products placed online.
6. You can sell in peace – all items are listed by category, and description, not by date.
7. You can find items very easily thanks to our search engine- products are listed by place, category and reseller.
8. You can link your own website to our platform.
9. You can contact us directly with questions and suggestions.

How do you participate?

You can start selling in 3 simple steps:

1. You register yourself;
2. You choose your subscription;
3. You decorate your shop.