Frequently Asked Questions :

Frequently Asked Questions FourCollectors website:

  • How do I register? Make an account?

Go to the menu-bar and click on the “register” button. You will register by creating a username, entering your email address and creating your personal password. For security-reasons you also fill in the security code that appears. By clicking the “register” button, you are registered, and you have an account. You will receive the confirmation via your email, which is a message from “WordPress”.

  • How do I log on?

Click on the “login” button and give in your username and password. You are now logged in.

3) What if I forgot my password? How do I apply for a new password?

Click on the icon with the wheel. It is then possible to reset your password.

4) How do I order one of the FourCollectors packages?

You select one of the 3 FourCollectors-packages and put it in the basket.* You pay for the package with Ideal or a bank transfer. We will send you an email to confirm the payment and you can start selling, comfortable and easy!

*If you select more packages at once, you will get a discount.

5) How do I put in an add/advertisement?

You can only put in an add if you ordered the FourCollectors package ‘advertisement’, Then you can start your own webshop and put in your own adds. See 5 for ordering a FourCollectors-package.

6) Can I put in an add and not have an account?

No, you first have to make an account and then you can put in an add.

7) How do I remove an add?

Go to your account, then ‘your shop’, click on the add you want removed and at the bottom an x appears. if you click on the x, the add will be removed.

8) How do I pay for my FourCollectors package?

You can pay your FourCollectors-package with Ideal or via a bank transfer. We will send you an email to confirm the payment and you can start selling, comfortably and easy!

9) What if I don’ t get an email confirmation?

In case you did not get an email confirming for your payment, please contact our helpdesk via

You can exchange payment details with the buyer or seller through the email.

11) How do I contact another seller?

In case you want to contact another seller, you can push this icon behind the add and come into contact.

12) How do I select favourite adds?

You can do that by pushing on the heart shaped icon behind the add. Your favourite adds list will appear in your account and will be easily found.