Newsletter December 2017

Shop of the month

Collectors Corner

This shop has unique items to sell, primarily authentic old toys.

An example of a recent sell is this old spray truck.

For more beautiful items look in the shop Collectors Corner.


Discounter of the month

Discount of the month is a beautiful lamp from the 70-,

very equipped for a living room or dinner table.

For pictures and prices go to: The Lantaerne.

Story to tell

In this monthly section a special item: this old 19th-century mannequin, made in Amsterdam by Berghof & Zoon.

The special thing about this mannequin is that everything is handmade, and the mannequin is very big, extraordinary for that time.

Berghof & Zoon made about 5000 mannequins a year and this is one of them.

In the spotlight

This cabinet is 1.90 high, 90 cm wide and 50 cm deep and is mint green in color.

The cabinet is in excellent condition and a nice decorative piece for in the living room.

Look for pictures and pricing at Collectors Corner.

Beautiful old Medicine / Pharmacists closet. 
Coming from the GDR and the 60’s.
It is an original drug / pharmacist’s cabinet
as shown in the picture.
(Aside to the old pharmacists closet are some rare items you can find in their shop).

New Shop!

Soon the website of FourCollectors will expand again with a new store.

This time with collector’s objects with the industry look.

This unique collection of beautiful lamps, cabinets, tables is only for sale at


Interview with a collector

Today we interview a collector of the early days: Dick van Ginkel!

Why did you ever become a collector?

Dick: “It’s in your blood, gathering, you need to have things and attach a certain value. You should of course also have fun. For a collector, only one thing counts: the hunt, the kick to find and buy items. You never get enough of that. A collector is never saturated, he always wants more. A kind of good greed ‘.

“Unfortunately, the collective collection dies slowly. The current generation has no more time to gather and is busy with other things like Facebook, computer games. Collecting is a very time consuming activity, that also requires a passion. ‘

When did you start collecting yourself?

Dick: “I started collecting when I went to primary school. We had a lively barter in orange packaging, there was a beautiful paper around, cigar bands, sugar bags, match boxes. We gathered and exchanged. “When I was about 30 I started collecting stamps, as a kind of investment, and Gouda Plateel from Zuid Holland.”

What is fun to collect?

Dick: “Hunting, searching, finding and buying the items you want to find. It is very targeted and also a kind of occupational therapy, especially when you are retired. You make contact with people you would normally not encounter and you all have something in common, you like to collect. Value increase, of course, also plays a role, interest rates decrease and you can invest your money better in assets that are worthwhile.

Finally, you feel useful, you are building up knowledge about certain items and your will transfer that knowledge to new generations”.

What is your biggest success?

Reini, my wife once bought a glass figurine from Lalique for 0.50 cents. You got this figurine as a promotional gift from the Rotterdam Loyd (later the Holland-America Line) when you traveled to India. The design originated in 1938 and we brought this figurine to a valuer who estimated it at 700 (guilders). We have auctioned the figurine at Sotheby’s and we sold it for 1700 guilders in December 1997!

What is your biggest mistake?

Dick: “You do not really make errors, I’m more sorry for the things I did not buy. You think I’ll do it another time, and regret that decision afterwards. And in retrospective the estimation error of Gouda Plateel’s and stamps value increase. The investment aspect is gone. Things you bought in previous times are worth nothing now. “

What is your advice for a new and young collector?

Dick: ‘Build knowledge, visit museums, visit antique markets, buy books on the topics that interest you. Make sure you have a good deal of knowledge and buy quality. Quality goes above quantity ‘.